Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Buying Guide

Most of the time, chainsaw owners would likely be the ones who have trees in their yard or trees to maintain in a farm. The traditional axe hacking is no longer a feasible method to clean up surrounding trees as it can be tedious and cumbersome to do. Taking down huge tree trunks, trimming branches or cleaning up obstructive tree felling has never been easier with the use of chainsaws.

For occasional users, owning a chainsaw may not be a priority as there are options to rent. And this is acceptable if you do not foresee the need to invest in one. However, for regular tree cutters or loggers, it is important to have one that could fit their needs. Buying one is no easy feat as there is a large market to choose from. Before you get yourself tangled in the stream of details, it is necessary to distinguish which among the two chainsaws will you lean on to. Between electric vs gas chainsaws, which will be more appropriate for you?

Both these types will do a great job provided if you understand your needs and the equipment limitations. These two machines have individual advantages and disadvantages when it comes to versatility, durability and ease of use. In order to assist you in choosing, which is more appropriate, we will compare electric vs gas chainsaws while highlighting where they are most effective. At the end of which, you may be able to finally decide the suitable equipment for your needs.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaws are built with electric tools, as the name suggests. Typically, they are more convenient to use than the other type because of its simplified power source. There usually come in a wired or wireless variation. Cord models require a power outlet while the cordless model only require a battery power source. Since the power is dependent on electricity, it is normally quieter to operate than gas-powered models. They do not burn fuels, making it more friendly to the environment.

Because of the lightweight build, this tends to be easier to carry anywhere. They do not have large engines unlike gas chainsaws which takes away most of the heavy weight. Perhaps the easiest component to attribute to electric chainsaws it the flick of the button to engage. Starting without a sweat is certainly more appealing given the tasks up ahead. Although this type of chainsaw is more convenient to use, there is a drawback when it comes to strength and power. Electric chainsaws are more ideal for simple, easy and light tasks such as trimming your garden bushes and a few branches here and there.

Gas Chainsaws

Gas Chainsaws is a more familiar style as it is the oldest type of chainsaw model. They are also attributed as the go-to option for professional users because of its powerful and durable performance. They are popular because it relies on fuel to operate. This means that it can tackle any project at any time. When it comes to getting the job done, not only do gas chainsaws tackle them with ease, they also finish them in the fastest time compared to electric chainsaws.

Although gas chainsaws have limited power compared to corded electric chainsaws, they still manage to run long enough to finish the task. Generally, these are more versatile thanks to its durable design, components and overall build. Despite the heaviness of the equipment, you can be sure that power is not lacking there. A side note for this is that they are generally pricier to own but can serve as a good investment on the long term.

Comparison Table between Electric and Gas Chainsaws



Source of Power

Wired plug, battery power

Fuel (Gas and oil)


Light daily yard activities

Heavy-duty cutting projects

Runtime Duration

Plugged power source – unlimited use

Batter power source – limited until battery capacity

Limited with fuel – decent duration length

Environmental Impact

No carbon emission

Produces carbon emission

Noise Level

Low noise level

Loud noise level


Portable and less heavy to carry

Heavy to carry but manageable

User Friendliness

Easy to start, easy to stop power

Requires effort to start and use


Less expensive

More expensive


Pros and Cons between the Electric vs Gas Chainsaws

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Power Source

When it comes to power sources, this is what distinguishes electric chainsaws from gas chainsaws. It is important to understand the horsepower variations between the two to be able to arrive at a suitable product. Electric chainsaws are powered by a motor and will require an electric power source. Whether it is a wired or cordless power type, both require electricity to operate them. Typically, wired chainsaws are more powerful than the wireless battery types. This is because corded chainsaws are able to get stable and consistent supply of power.

Gas chainsaw on the other hand relies on gasoline to combust engine power. Although some types will offer a separate compartment for the gas and oil, most will require them to be mixed before pouring into the chamber. And this can be a greasy job for owners.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Usability

Another key factor that differentiates these two is its usability. By understanding when and where they are best utilized, you can maximize the potential. Although electric chainsaws are not as powerful, they are suitable for everyday work and yard use. Whether it is to trim hedges or maintain small branches, these chainsaws can do the job effectively.

When compared to gas chainsaws, these built for heavy workload. They can perfectly handle tree cutting jobs whether huge or small. It is highly appropriate for such specialized use.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Runtime Duration

When we compare the two, it’s clear that electric chainsaws that have a corded electricity source have more capability to run longer for as long as you wish to use it. Thanks to the connected wiring, there is now unlimited capacity of runtime. Of course, wireless chainsaws despite being electric will have shorter runtime as it depends on the battery length.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws will not necessarily provide unlimited duration but they will have a longer time to use compared to the electric battery chainsaw. It will continue to run for as long as you have sufficient gasoline in your equipment.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Environmental Impact

Because of climate change, carbon emissions from machines are being scrutinized more closely. With electric chainsaws, this does not generate any gas that become harmful to the environment. It is one of its advantages when evaluated against gas chainsaws.

By the name itself, gas chainsaws do emit carbon as it uses combustion fuel to operate the machine. However, with modernization, the quantities of emission have been reduced due to the advancement in engineering.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Noise Level

Honestly, when using a chainsaw, it is simply impossible not to produce noise when cutting. Although recent models have claimed that their products are quieter, there is still some level of noise there. Between electric vs gas chainsaws, the electric-powered tends to operate more quietly than the later. The engines built in them are not as noisy because of its simplified motors.

For gas chainsaws, these are the louder ones producing up to 128 decibels of sound. This is the type of noise that can be annoying to hear when engaged at off hours. Hence, it is predictable that neighbour complaints can come after when not properly used. In order to preserve your eardrums, it is advisable to wear ear muffs for protection.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Portability

Depending on the considerations, portability definition and advantages can change between electric vs gas chainsaws. If we are talking about weight, electric chainsaws have an upper hand. Because they are lightweight and more compact, they tend to be classified as more portable than the other. Simply easy to pack and carry.

However, if portability is equated to the combination of runtime and distance – gas chainsaws take the lead. This is because of two things. The first is that the power source does not depend on plugged electricity compared to electric wired chainsaws. The second being that gasoline-powered chainsaws can operate longer, cutting trees than electric battery chainsaws.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws User Friendliness

Although using chainsaws will primarily depend on one’s experience, this criterion can be subjective. Loggers that are familiar with operating one machine will choose and have a shorter learning curve operating a new model of the same equipment. If we then factor a beginner’s level, there is a high chance that electric chainsaws become more appealing because they are built to be used in a very straightforward manner. It is easier to stop-and-go on the job.

Gas chainsaws can be cumbersome to initiate. Most designs require that you pull the cord repeatedly until you hear the engine run. Added weight on such a machine is not much of a help as well because it can be hard to carry and balance at the same time.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaws Cost

Since gas chainsaws have a more moving parts, it is naturally more complex and more powerful. These also typically come with more accessories that increase the price higher. Thus, it tends to be more expensive than electric chainsaws. Electric chainsaws on the other hand have high end models that also compare to gas chainsaws. However, they can also be provided in a variety that is more affordable for novice owners.

Aside from purchase cost, there is also maintenance cost. Typically, gas chainsaws have higher cost in operating since proper and regular maintenance. Fuel costs are also more expensive which is why this it is not cheap to own. Electric chainsaws have less expensive maintenance cost since most of it will only require battery replacement. However, when it comes to durability in the long term, this is where electric chainsaws may be challenged.


Chainsaws can be handy when you want to trim out tree branches and do hedging. They are not just built for professionals that do heavy-duty work. House owners can also utilize these to keep their surroundings safe from clearings. When deciding which ones to choose between electric vs gas chainsaws, you may want to first consider your needs. Understanding your needs and putting effort to comparing and canvass can get you a long way. In today’s generation, access to information is more reachable than ever. So, here we urge you to utilize these approaches and learn from them. Take the time to read and review from different types, models, capacity, capability and sometimes even brand warranty so that all areas can be covered.

Identifying which is more suitable boils down to the tasks expected of it. Electric chainsaws will be ideal for daily work in the yard or around the house. If you happen to be one of those that is looking for an affordable equipment that simply cuts, then this could be the best option for you. It is quiet to use, lightweight and can work within budget. It also has minimal carbon emission which is a plus that not much equipment has considered today.

On the other hand, for those looking to do exhaustive work and eat away any task, gas chainsaws may be more suitable. It can tackle huge trees, branches, and any similar obstruction with ease. This type of chainsaw is certainly powerful and versatile. There is no such log work that the gas chainsaw cannot tackle. It has been popular and continues to be the choice of many professionals for a reason. And this is simply because it is effective.

Both types of chainsaws have proven and will continue to show off their individual advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps with more advancement in engineering, there are better models that may come to suit your liking. However, regardless of which, it is beneficial to factor your cost capacity. This will not only be important upon purchasing but as well as maintenance. Like any other equipment, chainsaws require some level of maintenance in order to extend its longevity. The best way to tackle this is to read upon and review what its like to own one. This way, you can be guided by actual owners that already have the machine and knows how to operate them.

The best choice will always be the one where you are most comfortable of owning, effective in doing the job, and affordable within your defined budget. Again, take time to realize what these are, and this could lead to a smooth buying decision for you.

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