Who Invented the Lawn Mower?

The lawn mower has always been fascinating kids. Not only kids but adults also enjoy mowing their lawns and making them smooth and a beautiful place to spend some me-time or having a family get-together. Lawn mowers are common these days, but it is not a bizarre thing to wonder what was the life of people before lawn the first lawn mowers were invented. 

Once there was a time when people didn’t have lawns and the areas were just dirt or home of livestock. Then came the 1820s and people wondered what it would like to have some greenery and a lawn. And then it would be necessary to maintain it as well. Thus, a specialized man was needed who could cut the grass evenly by using a scythe or shearing blades.

As it was costly enough to hire a person for this purpose, therefore, only the rich people had lawns back then. As time passed by, there the lawn mowers were invented so that everyone can have and maintain their lawns. For those who want to know why, when, and how lawn mowers were invented, this page is going to answer all such questions. So stay tuned!

Part 1:Lawn Mower History

The history of lawn mower is incomplete without getting to know when was the first lawn mower invented. The first lawn mower was invented in 1830. Now you will be thinking who invented the mower. The lawn mower inventor is Edwin Budding.

The invention of the first lawn mower was inspired by the machine that after weaving, trims cloth for a smooth finish. The first lawn mower that was the cylinder lawn mower was created by mounting the machine that trims cloth on a frame with wheels. This was designed so that the blades can rotate near the grass and cut it. 

Later on, the Edwin Budding partnered with John Ferrabee and they started manufacturing the cylinder lawn mowers at Stroud. The lawn mowers made in the factory were then displayed at the museum. These lawn mowers were of cast iron and featured a large roller that covered the reel and the cutting cylinder. The rear roller provided power to the cutting cylinder by the gear wheels. That was quite similar to the lawn mower used today. 

Both partners then allowed others, under license, to copy the design of the first lawn mower, the most successful of them are Ransomes, who are still manufacturing these amazing machines and are one of the largest manufacturers.

Edwin Budding

In 1830s, gardening was evolving with the invention of new technologies and the availability of a wide variety of plants. Industrialization was also prospering from mechanized spinning to the growth in iron and steam power production. 

Gardens started becoming a symbol status and middle-class people become more inclined towards gardening. This was the best time to have a machine that can mow and cut the grass rendering the lawns more beautiful and fresh. Thus, an engineer Edwin Beard Budding, son of a yeoman farmer, invented the first lawn mowers ever invented. 

The Edwin Budding was educated and genius. Initially a carpenter, the Budding, later on, worked in different iron foundries. He worked there as a pattern-maker for many iron masters. He had a gift of solving all sorts of engineering problems. 

As mentioned earlier, the got the idea of lawn mower by observing a textile mill machine that trims the uneven surface of the woolen cloth. This machine is mounted on the bench and uses a cutting cylinder. Then Edwin Budding got the idea to modify the machine so that it could cut the grass by mounting it on a wheeled frame instead of a bench, allowing the blades to rotate and cut the grass. 


By 1850, many other companies were bringing new ideas about the lawn mowers in the market, of which the Silens Messor, manufactured by Thomas Green and Sons, became popular because of its less noise as compared o the gear driver lawn mowers. Even though it was expensive back then, but was very popular. 

During this period, Caledonia mowers by Alexander Shanks and Automation by Ransomes were introduced. These lawn mowers featured different sizes along with collection boxes for grass.

The 1980s: 

After the first lawn mower, the next big achievement was the invention of the side-wheel lawn mower in England. This lawn mower gained much popularity in North America. Without a metal rear roller, the side-wheel push lawn mower featured wheels made of cast iron, and the wheels were present on both sides. The side-wheeled lawn mowers were more affordable and lighter as well. 

The 1900s:

In the 1890s, lightweight motorized lawn mowers that used steam or engine to operate were introduced. The steam lawn mowers worked great, but the lawn mowers powered by petrol gained much popularity by the early 1900s. 

After WWI, many manufacturers bring the manufacturing of lawn mowers to a higher level. Those manufacturers include Ransomes, Jefferies, and Sims. 

The 1910s:

In 1920, Atco launched the motor lawn mower which became very famous at that time. Other lawn mowers that gained popularity were manufactured by Qualcast. The popular Qualcast lawn mower was the Panther roller and the E sidewheel lawn mowers. In Michigan, the first reel lawn mower powered by gas was manufactured by the Ideal Power Mowing Company. This lawn mower was introduced in America. During this period, riding lawn mower also came into being. 

The 1930s:

From the 1930s to the 1950s, the lawn mowers started becoming more efficient, lighter, and smaller. During the 60s, the lawn mowers advanced greatly by the inclusion of plastic components and reduced cost. The Montague Mfg. Co. manufactured the Monta mower in 1923-1962 with a wooden T-handle. Later on, the first lawn mower with a handle made of the metal rod was manufactured in 1942.


The year 1995 is known for the manufacture of the first robotic lawn mower that was powered by the sun. The robotic solar lawn mower finds the charging station by the radio frequency emissions. 

The 2000s:

The tractor pulled lawn mower, the riding mower, and the hover mower has its advantages and characteristics, depending on the requirement of the user. But the robotic lawn mowers are more advanced, and the homeowners who don’t want to mow their lawn themselves, love the idea of it as the silent mowers mow the lawn, get recharge and then start working again.

In the 90s, the robotic lawn mowers were first launched in Britain, but also gained popularity in America in 2000. Along with providing a neat and clean-cut without any hassle and you been doing work, robotic lawn mowers are also valuable due o their safety standards. And how can you forget that these can be operated by your Android or iOS devices. Just install the app and get those robots working. 

Part 2:Types of Lawn Mower

Although, the lawn mowers are designed to cut the grass different types of lawn mowers were developed as the technology advanced. By knowing different types of lawn mowers, their specifications, and the price range, you will be better able to get a lawn mower in your budget and according to your requirements. Below are given 15 different types of lawn mowers.

  1. Ride-On Mowers

Ride-On Lawn Mowers are best when you have a large lawn to maintain because these are lightweight and allow you to cut the grass in less time. These lawn mowers are more efficient as compared to the walk-along lawn mowers, but this convenience comes with a price. There are three further types of ride-on lawn mowers:

  • Lawn Tractor:Lawn tractors are very popular and are best for the large lawns. These have an engine in front and deck width of 42-54 inches and to find out which lawn tractor will be best for your lawn, divide the deck width by 12 and the result would be the size of lawn that your lawn tractor can handle. 
  • Rear Engine Riding Mower

You can have this lawn mower if your lawn is of moderate size. As compared to the lawn tractor, Rear Engine Riding Mower features an engine on its back. The deck size of these lawn mowers is about 30-33 inches, which is suitable for lawns less than 2.5 acres. 

  • Zero Turn Mower:

In the world of lawn mowing, these mowers are considered as the Ferrari. At the rear wheels, these mowers use dual hydrostatic transmissions which means that are superior to other lawn mowers in terms of maneuverability. You get sharp turns and amazing all-round performance resulting in a better finish. 

  1. Walk Mowers

Walk mower includes a variety of lawn mowers best suited to smaller lawns, almost half an acre. The different walk mowers feature a wide variety of features, quality, and price. Walk lawn mowers include the following lawn mowers:

  • Cylinder Mower

Reel Mowers or Cylinder Mowers feature cylinder blades that rotate cylindrically and are located at the front of the lawn mower. There is also a fixed blade. The blades trap and cut the grass like scissors. The blades can be 3-12 in number, with higher blades providing a precise cut. If you have a flat lawn, you can opt for this lawn mower, giving a clean cut defined stripes.

  • Push Mower

These lawn mowers require you to push then walking behind them. You move the wheel by the push and the motor moves the blades. These are simple, lightweight, and popular lawn mowers.

  • Rotary Mower

The most common walk-along lawn mowers are rotary mowers with a single blade that rotates in a horizontal motion, at great speed to cut the grass. For medium to long grass, these lawn mowers are the best.

  • Hover Mower

As the name suggests, this lawn mower hovers over the ground and thus are easy to use in any direction. Therefore, these are perfect for uneven lawns. These are inexpensive and are often powered by electricity, which makes them best for small lawns.

  • Self Propelled Mower

As these are self-propelled, the user doesn’t need to push it, the transmission does all the work. These are convenient to use and are best for small lawns. With constant speed, you can get a consistent and neat lawn.

  1. Power Types:

Different sources are used to power the lawn mower. Which power source will be more appropriate for you to depend on your strength, size of the lawn, and your personal preferences. Types of power lawn mowers are:

  • Manual Powered Mower

These are push mowers. They have an engine that operates the blades only. Your muscle power is going to drive this lawn mower. These are environment-friendly, most inexpensive, and quietest. 

  • Gas-Powered Mower

As the name suggests, these lawn mowers are powered by petrol. These are high powered used for mowing large areas and are more powerful than the lawn mowers are electric as these work great for tall, thick, or dense grass. 

  • Electric-Powered Mower:

These are corded lawn mowers that use electricity. These are popular lawn mowers and are best for you if you have small or medium lawns. Electric-powered mowers are lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Battery-Powered Mower:

These lawn mowers use a battery, lithium-ion battery and are lightweight and easy to use. You get all the advantages of an electric mower but you don’t have to worry about the cable. Battery-powered mowers provide convenience and quality. 

  1. Drive Types

Depending on the terrain, the drive type of lawn mower is important to consider. The lawn mowers are divided into the following categories depending on the drive type:

  • All-Wheel Drive

In this type of drive, all the wheels are connected to the power source and are thus propelled equally. It lacks maneuverability but is high on power and speed.

  • Front-Wheel Drive:

The front wheels of these mowers propel them and also offer turning motion. These are best for leveled lawns only. You can steer and maneuver them easily. 

  • Rear Wheel Drive:

As compared to the front-wheel drive, these mowers are propelled by their rear wheels. Changing directions and reversing them is a bit difficult but works well for a wide-open lawn. However, these lawn mowers are best for unsteady or rough terrain.



The first lawn mower is an excellent invention that has made our lives easier. With the advancement in technology, a wide variety of lawn mowers is available for you to select from. You can check the specifications, size, and price of the lawn mower and can choose the one that suits you best. 

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