14 Alternative Uses for Your Leaf Blower

At present cleaning, lawns, yards, and gardens is a difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of time, energy, and power to do the cleaning. These days everybody has little and beautiful yards or lawns or gardens at their home. There are various types of leaf blowers in the bazaar such as leaf blowers for yards, home leaf blowers, landscape leaf blowers, etc. With the aid of the leaf blowers, you can clean the garden waste, grass, leaves, and garden waste, etc. It takes a few hours to clean the garden by using the leaf blower.

We all think that leaf blowers are only used for cleaning your gardens and yards. Do you know that we can do other things with the help of leaf blowers? Yes, we can do so many things by using leaf blowers. For instance, you can clean your house with the leaf blower to remove the dust, small papers, etc. In this article, we are going to tell you 13 alternative uses that you can do with the leaf blower. So what are guys waiting for? 

1. Utilize as a Snow remover or blower 

A couple of thin layers of the snow can be blown up or removed with the leaf blower! Rather than buying a heavily weighted snow blower use the leaf blower to remove the snow. You can utilize the leaf blower to eliminate snow from your paths, walkway, vehicles, and cars. The leaf blower just neutralizes lighter snow layers and helps you to remove them.  It's not an ideal appliance for this task. Nonetheless, if you simply need to eliminate the snow from the front ways or your vehicle. Hence you can use your leaf blower to remove the thin or small layers of the snow. 

2. Gutter cleaning

Twigs, fallen leaves, dust, waste plus, the breeze might rapidly obstruct a rooftop gutter on the off chance that you aren't keeping it good. A blocked gutter canal can cause your rooftop holes and harm to your house. Rather than utilizing your hands, get a tough stepping stool and your best leaf blower to rapidly eliminate the waste materials from the gutter.

3. Use it as a car dryer

Individuals, who clean their vehicles at their houses, use a leaf blower to clean your vehicle. It is a better option to use their leaf blowers to clean your vehicles. Because towel drying will be disappointing and with the air drying your car may have some water stains or marks on the vehicle. So use the leaf blower as an alternative to clean and dry your vehicle. This technique is snappy, simple, and leaves no water stains on your cars and vehicles.

4. Use it as for cleaning the car interiors

You can go through a vacuum cleaner to remove all the residue and soil within your vehicle. Yet one of the best alternatives for the leaf blower is eliminating such garbage from your car. Simply open all the vehicle entries, wear a mask, and switch on the button of your leaf blower. This is the best method to remove the dust particles and soil from your car without struggling.

5. Cleaning your pools

This may be unnecessary but cleaning your pools is a good thing to do with your leaf blowers. We can see some leaves or waste materials on our pools, right? Instead of staring it try to clean the pool. You can blow up the leaves and waste materials with your leaf blowers. It is a very pretty simple task to do. By doing these small tasks your parents might appreciate you.

6. Chasing out the rodents

It’s not a good idea to use the leaf blower over your pets. All things considered, if your gardens are being attacked by the moles, mice, or hamsters, you most probably don't care about them much. So you want to get rid of them right? Instead of keeping traps for them find their holes and blow them up with your leaf blowers. Otherwise, chase them for a little while with your leaf blower. Instead of killing them, this is a far better way to get rid of them.

7. Dying out the surfaces

We know it sounds odd, but it is the best idea to dry the surfaces with your leaf blowers. Leaf blowers are like a big hairdryer for drying the surfaces. But never use them for drying your hair although it has the same design as a hairdryer. Hence, at whatever point you clean any surface, be it the floor, vehicle, rooftop, gutter, etc rather waiting for it to dry, use a leaf blower to dry the surface quickly. With the help of the leaf blower, you can dry the surfaces easily within time.

8. Use the leaf blower to build a bubble machine

Consider it as a hack. With a barrel, a submarine siphon, and with a leaf blower, you could make your bubble machine for the next huge gathering. Make sure that, your leaf blower does not touch the water, to avoid the accidents. Do take the precautions while doing this.

9. Get free from the Acorns

If you have the oak trees in your garden, then you might have several acorns in your garden. As we all know that acorns are considered to be food for a large number of rodents. For the acorns, the rodents might come to your gardens and make your gardens messy. So to avoid this, gather the acorns by using your leaf blower and keep them in a bag. Instead of going to each place you can use your leaf blower to gather them.

10. Blowing away the pine needles

As we all know that the pine needles are very thin and small, there is a chance of them ending on your sidewalk, driveway, deck, or lawn. Even though you don’t have pine trees in your yard or garden, eventually they come and settle in your garden. If the pine needles are wet, try to increase the blower speed because wet pine needles won’t come that easy. If they are in the dry condition you can use the normal speed to gather them in one place.

11. Keep your pebble pathways clean

For similar reasons concerning pine needles, you don't have to have trees close your graveled regions for them to wind up covered with leaves. Regardless of your raking abilities, attempting to get rid of them with a rake will likewise distort your good pebble pathways and regions. Utilize a leaf blower at the conceivable speed to abstain from moving the rock and little pebbles and accumulate the leaves and waste materials to a suitable area. Then again, if you have a good leaf blower, you can likewise utilize it at low power to get rid of the debris.

12. Cleaning the roof shingles

The rooftop is likely the least available piece of your house. It's likewise one that effectively gets filthy and dispersed with different kinds of trash like sticks, leaves, pine straw, branches, oak seeds, and so on. Not only the garbage makes your rooftop look awful, but it can also likewise cause rooftop harm and breaks. We know that you can clean your rooftops with your hand, but if you use your leaf blowers the task becomes easy. And it does not take much time and energy to do it.  A leaf blower is the best equipment for cleaning your roof shingles without any manpower.

13. Cleaning up the PC

If you need to give the PC a decent spring cleaning, a standard good air could be the apt choice. Nonetheless, they're costly for what they are and the least expensive electric blower just costs you about $20 (don't purchase the gas blowers). It will likewise serve you in different tasks. Make sure that you don’t blow the leaf blower too close if you do it your PC might get damaged. So try to blow the components of your PC from a distance. Attempt to cover the fans to abstain from harming them. Ensure you do this procedure in a good for cleaning the dust in your PC case, because the leaf blower does not give you an exactly directed stream.

14. Clean dryer vent

After some time, a dryer vent can get stopped up with piles build up and, because it sees a considerable measure of hot air from the dryer, can turn into a fire hazard (opens in another tab). Start by eliminating the dryer hose to gain admittance to the vent. You would then be able to embed your blower nose into the vent, guaranteeing that it's very much fixed (you can utilize a type of conduit tape to do this). At the point when you're prepared, power your leaf blower at the lowest power setting. When everything is good,​steadily increment the yield. In this way, you can clean the dryer vent with a leaf blower.



So you can clean the pebble pathways, rooftops, drying your surfaces, gutter cleaning, interiors of your car, snow blower, etc. And yes you can use the leaf blower as a bubble machine to make bubbles in the parties for fun. It is better to use the electric leaf blowers instead of gas leaf blowers. Because you can’t carry the gas to every place right? So buy the electric and battery-operated leaf blowers. You can save your energy, time, and manpower by using this leaf blower. And do read the manual and follow the safety precautions while using the leaf blowers. So save your valuable time by using yor leaf blowers for easy works.

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